300 Hour Training

Take it to a higher level

Ancient wisdom-Modern application

5 Points Yoga is ecstatic to share the re-launch of our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Studies.


Spread over 18 months, our workshops are applicable to Yoga Teachers, Students, Counselors, and Yoga Practitioners.

Beginning in January 2019.  Stay tuned for more details so you can mark your calendars and save the dates!


Our experienced teachers bring a deep, holistic, and specialized approach to yoga.


Announcing our incredible list of people who will share what they know:


Shannon Ball  Creative & Mindful Sequencing

Gota Cerebro  Pranayama & Kriyas;  Creating Sadhana (personal practice)

Julia Corley  Loving Presence

Anne Ethier  The Art of Touch; 

Elise Faust  Seasonal Ayruveda

Sarah Katie Gillespie  Hands on Assists

Rachel Greb  Kid’s Yoga

Cathy Jackson  Medtiation; Yamas & Niyamas (live your yoga)

Chet Thomas  Iyengar’s wisdom of using props

Leah McKellop  Anatomy of Fascia

Suzanne McLean Chanting/Mantra

Patty Pinckney  The Art of Happiness & Mindfulness;  Marketing your Passion

Manjula Spears  Making Yoga Accessible

SJ Ursrey  Poetic Language & Cueing

Jason Wurnig  The Practice of Stillness –Yin Yoga

Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz  (Authors:  The Four Agreements & The Fifth Agreement)  Guest Instructors  September 28-30, 2019


How is the 300 hour structured?


Beginning in January and spread over the next 18 months, you will attend:


15 weekends at 9 hours each (one weekend/month)

9 weekends at 15 hours each (approximately one weekend every other month)


In general, the weekends will be arranged on a Friday evening, Saturday &/or Sunday, so will fit right in for most people’s regular work schedule.


What if I do not complete the weekends in 18 months?


In order to gain 300 hour yoga alliance approved Certification, you must attend all the required hours within 5 years, so if you miss a weekend here or there, you can make it up the next time it is offered beyond the 18 months, and you will still obtain the certification you seek.



**You will also need to submit documentation of teaching 100 hours and your current CPR certification

We will be keeping track of your hours, but we highly recommend that you keep track of them as well.