Frequently Asked Questions


What if I do not complete the weekends in 16 months?

We highly encourage you to complete your hours within 16 months, but we know that sometimes it is not possible.  In order to gain 300 hour Yoga Alliance approved Certification, you must attend all the required hours within 5 years, so if you miss a weekend here or there, you can make it up the next time it is offered beyond the 16 months, and you will still obtain the certification you seek.

 What is the cost to me?

There is a $115 Registration fee, which covers administration costs.  You pay this at the start of your 16 months when you register online.  

You can either choose to pay for workshops as you go, or you may pay in full up front and receive a $290 discount!  (This does NOT include retreat, application or completion fees, which are paid for separately)


So, what does the whole process entail?

*Pay your application fee ($115) and register online.

*Choose to pay as you go, or pay your tuition in full.

*Sign up for and attend required workshops and your preferred 3 electives.

We highly recommend doing this within the 16 month period!

*Have 100% attendance.  Full attendance is required in order to receive your Yoga Alliance 300 hour certification.  (See refund/transfer policy for make-up details).

*Have taught at least 100 hours of yoga (this can be concurrent with the training!).  Teaching includes privates, workshops, public classes (free, barter, or for fee).  Much of the material covered in the 300 – hour training applies to your teaching, so it is necessary to have real life experiences to apply your learning and to discuss within the workshops when you have questions.

*Once you are complete with the required workshops & electives for the advanced teacher training, you will submit your current CPR certification (you must complete on your own), your logged 100 teaching hours, along with your $50 completion fee to graduate with your 300 hourcertification.

*The $50 completion fee helps to cover administrative costs associated with staying current on Yoga Alliance Standards.