don Miguel Ruiz, jr

A weekend with the Ruiz Brothers

Join Athens 5 Points Yoga for a life-changing weekend with renowned authors don Miguel Ruiz Jr & don Jose Ruiz, the sons of the international bestseller author of “The Four Agreements,” will explain how to empower yourself and step into masterful levels of faith and authenticity.

Friday and Saturday, November 8 – 9 2019

State Botanical Gardens

Imagine a life without conflict, without guilt, without shame . . . a life where you are free to express the real you without fear of being judged by others . . . a life where you love and accept yourself just the way you are.  This way of life is entirely possible, and it’s in your hands.

Join us for two incredible days of healing, wisdom and growth where you learn firsthand from the Four Agreements’ family. The Four Agreements is a book on ancient Toltec wisdom which spent over seven years on the New York Times bestseller list and went on to be translated into 38 languages.

On Friday night, we will dig into the Agreement of Love, gaining a better understanding of how your relationships impact your understanding of yourself. On Saturday, we will deepen your practice of The Four Agreements and guide you toward the life you really want to live.

The Agreement of Love with don Miguel Ruiz Jr & don Jose Ruiz

Friday, November 8th, 2019

7-9 PM (full description here)

The point of all of this work is to enjoy life. There are many facets in our every day experience that will allow us to express this joy. One of those ways is through the relationships we have with the people that are a part of our life, such as our family, friends, everyone we know and our beloved. In the Toltec family tradition, the Mastery of Love begins by bringing harmony into our most impactful relationship, the one with ourselves. This mastery gives us the opportunity to share that harmony with everyone in our life.

don miguel ruiz

Saturday:  The Four Agreements for a Better Life Workshop with don Miguel Ruiz Jr & don Jose Ruiz

Saturday, November 9th

9:30-5 PM  (full description here)

“The Four Agreements for a Better Life” workshop will deepen your understanding and practice of The Four Agreements, and guide you toward the life you really want to live.  Unlock the power of these deceptively simple agreements.  It’s time to live a better life!!

don miguel ruiz