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Backbending from the Pelvis

Backbending from the Pelvis
Leah McKellop
Five Points Yoga
July 13, 2019
8:00 am - 12:30 pm


300 YA

All Levels Welcome


This exploratory class will take our backbends back to the drawing board. In conjunction with interactive asana practice, we will explore the anatomy of the spine, pelvis and all the muscles in between that can make or break a backbend. Learn to position your body in a way that will keep you safe and potentially deepen your practice. Find the true opening of the simplest asana.

You will:

**Explore an in depth understanding of anatomy from the spine to the pelvis.

**Learn how to access backbends in safe, supported ways

(& avoid “dumping” into the lumbar spine)

**Gain an ability to feel into a backbend (rather than “accomplish” it)

**Make backbends more accessible, enjoyable, and empowering

7/13, 8a-12:30p

7/14, 8a-12:30p

July 13, 2019