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Universal Language: the art of words in yoga

Universal Language: the art of words in yoga
SJ Ursrey
Five Points Yoga
April 5, 2020
8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Cost: $135

300 YA Credit

How to teach asana with spirituality and humour in a language both relatable to the student and true to the teacher’s personality.

Students will learn the importance of self-study as a tool for not only teaching, but for life. They will learn how to share spirituality in a relatable way, how to cue asana in a clear and concise manner, eliminating unnecessary and uncertain language as they teach, and how to offer knowledge of anatomy and alignment without confusion or physical demonstration. They will practice the art sharing their individuality and humour as they guide the students through asana while offering spirituality in a language both true to them and easily assimilated by the students. As teachers in training, they will practice listening with beginner’s mind as they are led through asana by their classmates. They will be offered tools for lightening up and allowing themselves to become more and more their natural selves, so as to be able to share from a grounded and connected place. They will laugh more. This will be fun!

-How self-study creates a container for offering spirituality in a relatable way

-How to share spiritual ideas in a way that is easily assimilated by students

-How to cue asana in a clear and concise manner

-How to offer knowledge of anatomy and alignment without confusion

-How to teach without physical demonstration

-How to share our individuality, connectness and humour as we teach

-How to use listening as a tool to connect with ourselves and others

SJ received her yoga teacher certification with Shiva Rea in the spring of 2011 and has been yogaing professionally ever since. She's studied with several master teachers and loves exploring and sharing yoga of all kinds. As an anatomy nerd, she enjoys the challenge of focusing on alignment in a faster-paced yoga practice. Slower, fluid movement is also integral to her teaching, and she loves bringing an element of dance to yoga when the beat drops. The spirituality of yoga had her at Hello, and is at the center of every class she shares. So is humour, which she considers to be one of her best offerings, along with her voice, a true gift. She’s been a professional singer for most of her life and her singing in Savasana is something to be experienced. She teaches Power, Gentle Flow & Restore, Hip-Hop, R&B, Restorative, Flow yoga, and whatever else the moment calls for. All of the yoga she shares is mindful, connected and playful.

April 5, 2020