Upcoming Workshops

Teach from the Heart

Gota Cebrero
Five Points Yoga
February 21, 2019
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
$105.00 (Teach from the heart one session)
$210.00 (teach from the heart-2 sessions)

A mini workshop to help you synthesize your teaching skills

This mini workshop is designed to support you as you integrate all the skills you have learned in your 200 - hour training into an effective, heartfelt 60- minute yoga class. You will combine breath, affective cueing, alignment, and ways to connect with yourself and your students in a public class setting.

*Come prepared: ** to teach a 15-20 minute portion of a class ** to be evaluated and given valuable and applicable feedback ** to give feedback to fellow participants ** to ask questions that you have about your own points of growth as a teacher or student.

Optional Dates: Thursday, January 24th @ 5:30-9:30pm Thursday, February 7th @ 5:30-9:30pm Thursday, February 21st @ 5:30-9:30pm Cost: $105/4 hour session

February 21, 2019