Yoga Teacher Mentoring

    Yoga Teacher Mentorship

with Shannon Ball

After completing a 200-hr teacher training program, it is common to feel the need for refinement in your teaching skills.  Be it in your cueing; knowledge of alignment, modifications and sequencing; and, I feel most important, the ability to hold presence while relaying clear, actionable cues to what is often a diverse audience.

I have designed this mentoring program to work with an intimate group of instructors to continue on your personal and professional development into an excellent yoga teacher.

Our work will include:

  • Using the system of dissecting a pose and compiling a master list, we will analyze and refine sequencing

  • Clarify your language for cueing and alignment while maintaining presence

  • Incorporate spirit into your teaching in a way that is real for you.

  • Learn how to teach to different levels

  • Building your classes and finding “your people”

  • Continue to fill your own cup with practice and spiritual nourishment

  • Business ideas and guidance as you build your practice

Want to do this thing?

After you have completed a short written assignment as well as an interview with me, so I can assess what your needs and desires are for our time together:

Our group will meet for 3 hours at an agreed upon time and week-day (workable for all participants) every other week for 12 weeks.

Each time we meet you will receive:

  • A practice led by me or a colleague for your own personal practice and nourishment (spiritual and emotional–although I’m always happy to feed you:)) These practices will also include a written sequence of the class and alignment refinement.  We will use each class as our springboard to look at sequencing skills.

  • A specific assignment both as a group and an assignment from me that is specifically designed for you and your growth

  • I will observe you teaching in one of your existing classes or in a class we arrange and will provide personal and individual coaching and feedback.  After an agreed upon time I will observe your teaching a second time and give more feedback and space for refinement.

Continuing Education Credits:

I am so happy to say these credit hours will go towards your 300-hour teacher training.

You will receive a total of 30 credit hours for classroom and outside study work.


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