300 Hour Advanced Studies

You know just how transformative yoga can be. 


But what if it could be even more transformative for you AND your students?


That’s exactly what our 300-hour advanced teacher training program is designed to help you do.


Our training is perfect for teachers who want to practice heart-centered living and deepen their mind-body connection. 


Attend In-Person, Online, or Hybrid


“This YTT was filled with support for deep transformation and self-reflection. It allowed me to overcome many of my fears and today I feel the freedom to be more myself and share this joy with others.”


How you will grow.

You will gain practical skills you can apply to your personal yoga practice and to your unique style of teaching yoga. 

Practice heart-centered living in spiritual mentorship with Lindsey, Shannon, and Anne. 

The more wisdom you develop, the more your presence will be of service to those around you.

Our curriculum is rooted in our philosophy of heart-centered living and the importance of the mind-body connection to create healing and peace.

Many practitioners have studied with us to deepen their connection to themselves, those in their lives, and the great beyond.  


“The workshops have been most valuable to me. I have enjoyed meeting and learning from folks who are experienced and knowledgeable in various aspects of yoga. All of them have been wonderful! “

Attend In-Person, Online, or Hybrid

Why study with Five Points Yoga?

With over 49 years of experience, our lead teaching faculty offers a wealth of knowledge.

We offer flexible ways to participate. Attend any of our teaching practicum or individual workshops in person, online, or a combination of both. 

You decide your pace. You can sign up for all of the offerings for 2022, just the teaching practicum portion, or individual workshops. So long as you accrue 300 hours within a five-year period, you’re on track to graduate. We offer up to 150 hours per year, and most people take three years to finish, but finishing in two is possible.


“Lindsey is a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her in such a short period of time. I have learned to not take myself so seriously and through seeing Lindsey in her practice, I have been able to find more joy in my practice as well.”


Workshops for 2022

Offered on Sundays from 12-6p


Asana and Pranayama for Wellbeing with Chet Thomas – February 2022

Ayurveda for Heart-Centered Living with Elise Faust – April 2022

Advanced Sequencing with Lindsey Hammond – July 2022

Applied Anatomy: Postural Assessment and Working with Students with Limited Mobility with Henry Pursner – October 2022


Teaching Practicum for 2022

Offered two Sundays per month from 4:00-6:00p

  • Join us and learn how to:
    • Teach yoga philosophy well
    • Deepen the mind-body connection through skilled cueing
    • Incorporate props and modifications to create affirming learning spaces
    • Offer advanced hands-on adjustments 
    • Incorporate pranayama, mudras, and chanting 
    • Successfully teach workshops, class series, privates, small groups, and large groups in online, in-person, hybrid formats
    • Envision and get support making your plan for your yoga business happen through heart-centered entrepreneurship 
    • And, as always, sharing, growth, and support in loving community


“Adding the practicum series this year has been very helpful. It has been a very long time that my class has been “critiqued” and I took away some very valuable feedback that I feel will help in my future classes. I also loved the anatomy and Ayurveda classes. Always love learning new things to throw out “nuggets” of wisdom in my classes.”



Attend In-Person, Online, or Hybrid

Want to participate, but cannot make every date?

Not a problem. Talk to Lindsey about the date you cannot attend, and we will work it out from there. You might choose to make up the hours in a different workshop or to work one on one with one of the lead trainers. 

We are consistently adding options to our schedule, and we work with members of the training to develop future curriculum. We welcome your input and do our best to curate world-class learning opportunities aligned with our students’ interests!


We are so excited about what 2022 has in store on the 300-hour training journey!


For more information, e-mail Lindsey at lindsey@athensfivepointsyoga.com.



“I love our group!”


Attend In-Person, Online, or Hybrid

Teaching Practicum Dates for 2022


Month Days
January 15 & 30
February 13
March 13 & 27
April 10
May 8 & 22
June 12 & 26
July 10
August 7 & 21
September 11 & 25
October 23
November 6 & 13
December 4 & 11


All dates are tentative and subject to change.


We do not offer refunds or transfers on our training programs.