300 Hour Advanced Studies

5 Points Yoga is thrilled to announce our advanced training studies to help you take your yoga practice and teaching to the next level.

Not only will you gain practical skills you can apply to your personal yoga practice and to your unique style of teaching yoga, but you will also have the opportunity for spiritual mentorship with Anne and Shannon.  The more you develop, the more your teaching will flourish.

Gain the support of a solid community for intimacy and growth.


The track is 3 years:

  • 1.5 hours/month group learning on zoom
  • 3.5 hours/month in person study at 5 Points Yoga
  • In addition, you will choose from ongoing workshops, classes, and events throughout the year.


In person study will include:


  • Hands-on-adjustments
  • Asana practice and study
  • Teaching skills: theme-ing, specific, skilled cuing, props/modifications
  • Trauma informed Yoga
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Chronic Pain and Yoga
  • Pranayama, mudras, chanting for relaxation and healing
  • Seasonal Ayruveda
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Yoga for Beginners—introducing the practice in a skillful, palatable, and even fun way to folks who “don’t think they can do yoga” or have little kinesthetic awareness


Online focus:

Our online format will allow us to see every student and hear the voice of every student just as if we were in the same physical classroom.  Our online work will include:


  • Book Study, philosophy study
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Deep guided as well as individual self study
  • And, as always, sharing, growth, and support in loving, like-minded community


We will meet virtually and in-person on Wednesdays:

  • April 8@ 5-6:30pm-online
  • April 15 @ 5-8:30pm-studio—Prop it up! using props and modifications beyond basics with Chet Thomas—3.5 hours
  • May 6 @ 5-6:30pm—online
  • May 20 @ 5-8:30pm—studio—Mindfulness with Cathy Jackson—3.5 hours
  • June 10@ 5-6:30pm—online
  • June 24 @ 5-8:30—studio
  • July 8 @ 5-6:30pm—online
  • July 22 @ 5-8:30pm—studio—Trauma Informed Yoga with Anne Ethier—3.5 hours
  • Aug. 5 @ 5-6:30pm-online
  • Aug. 19 @ 5-8:30pm –studio
  • Sept. 2 @ 5-6:30pm—online
  • Sept.16 @ 5-8:30pm studio
  • Oct. 7 @ 5-6:30pm –online
  • Oct. 21 @ 5-8:30pm—studio—Hands-on-Assists with Anne Ethier—3.5 hours
  • Nov. 4 @ 5-6:30pm—online
  • Nov. 18 @ 5-8:30pm—studio
  • Dec. 2 @ 5-6:30pm—online
  • Dec. 16 @ 5-8:30pm—studio


2020 Workshops, Events, and Mini-Workshops (not included in mentorship)


  • Fri., June 5 @ 7:30-9pm—KIRTAN (free)—1.5 hours
  • Sat., June 20—8am-1:30pm –Summer Ayruveda with Elise Faust—5.5 hours
  • Fri.-Sat., June 26-27 @ 9-5pm—Hakomi Introduction (mindfulness –based presence) –12 hours—POSTPONED
  • Fri., Aug. 21 @  7:30-10pm—Movie Night (Ram Das)—free—2.5 hours
  • Sat., Sept. 19 @ 8am-1:30pm—Autumn Ayruveda with Elise Faust—5.5 hours
  • Fri, Oct. 9 @ 7:30-9pm—Kirtan—free—1.5 hours


Want to participate, but cannot make every date?

Not a problem, simply talk to Shannon or Anne about the date you cannot attend, and we will work it out from there.


Not interested in every module (aka workshop)?

That is fine.  You will simply fulfill your hours with a future workshop you are interested in.  We are consistently adding options to our schedule.


We cannot wait to begin this journey with you!

You can register for the 300 hour school here.


Please see cancellation/refund policy here.