Frequently Asked Questions

1. My schedule is so busy. How can I find time to commit to another  training? You have 5 years to complete your 300-hour training. Some people choose to complete it in 24 months, but this is NOT mandatory. If you miss a portion of one of the 6-month modules, or the extra workshops/retreats you can always make them up.

2.   What if I miss one of the mandatory workshops (aka modules)?

See above.  You will have another opportunity to complete it.  Mandatory workshops will be offered again.

3.  I cannot afford to pay for another yoga teacher training right now.

All that’s required to begin your training, is a small registration fee of $108.

Then, you can pay as you go.  We are happy to work with you on a payment plan if needed (and remember, you have 5 years to complete this training).

4.  If I decide to start taking the workshops and, 6-months from now, want to apply it to a 300 certification . . . is that possible?

YES!  Yoga Alliance allows us to retroactively apply your workshops to a 300 hour track.