Anne specializes in work that helps support the health of our minds and bodies, including somatic psychology, dance, and yoga.  She has practiced body-mind therapy with individuals and couples for over 12 years.  Using simple yet profound methods of empathetic and gentle acceptance, Anne helps students awaken to their growth and healing. Trained as a certified massage therapist, counselor and yoga teacher, Anne teaches anatomy in a practical and easily accessible format
Anne has been teaching yoga since 2001. Her instruction style brings genuine presence, mindful attention to detail of alignment and breath, peppered with reminders of the depth yoga offers as a way of life.  Anne creates space in her classes where people can release tension, build strength, and enhance an inner heartfelt connection.
With over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Anne brings a unique blend of body oriented counseling, mindfulness, and extensive study in human physiology to the art of yoga.