Heather Doyle



At the suggestion of a friend, Heather first began practicing yoga at home in her search for something safe and practical to help with anxiety and panic disorder. Yoga was the first thing she had found that truly (and quickly!) helped quiet the mind enough to let go and find actual comfort in her own skin. As she continued to practice, all the other benefits of yoga – strength, flexibility, spiritual connection, acceptance, awareness and balance (both physical and mental) – quickly became clear as well. The very first public yoga class that Heather ever took was at 5 Points Yoga in January 2015 and she graduated from her first 200HR YTT at 5 Points in January 2017. She has since completed a 200HR Intensive Hot Vinyasa training with Fuel Hot Yoga (2019) and is currently pursuing her 300HR certification with 5 Points as well. In her classes, Heather is always excited to share the wonderful gifts of yoga with others, giving students a safe and comfortable place to slow down and explore breath, intentional movement, awareness and loving connection that is all-inclusive and accessible for students across all levels of practice.