Yoga keeps me grounded while I wander and sharing the peace that yoga brings to my life is consistently gratifying and awe-inspiring. I’ve taught various forms of movement for 11 years and have been practicing yoga for 7 years. I aspire to teach in a way that connects students to both their body and their inner light and I am grateful to Athens Yoga Institute, where I completed a 200-hour teacher training in 2017-18, for teaching me how to serve students in that way. My classes focus on integrating breath and movement to uplift and challenge students to grow their minds, hearts, and bodies and always include a few laughs. I believe wholeheartedly in the transformative powers of yoga to bring peace.


My studentship brings me great joy and I aspire to learn and grow to better serve the students who attend my classes. I’ve participated in a variety of trainings and traveled widely to learn more about yoga. In June of 2018, I traveled to India and had the opportunity to participate in teachings on the Bohdisattva with the Dalai Lama at the Main Tibetan Temple in Dharamsala. I am especially committed to deepening my knowledge of facilitating compassionate practices and other teachings of yoga to create inclusive, more just spaces. My studentship in this area led me to a workshop called “Radical, Responsive and Ready! Creating a Just World Through the Practice of Yoga” at the 2018 Asheville Yoga Festival and an online training called “Inclusivity Training for Yoga: Building Community with Compassion” in 2017. I was certified to teach the Rocket Yoga System by Amber Gean-Marie Espelage after completing 125 hours of training in the system. I’m currently immersed in an online anatomy course led by Judith Hansen Lasater, a physical therapist and renowned yoga teacher. When I’m not traveling or in a yoga studio, I’m also learning as I pursue a doctorate in higher education at the University of Georgia. Whether I’m in a yoga space or an academic space, I strive to create environments where all people can thrive.