First, Welcome!

We are so happy you are joining us at 5 Points Yoga.

This yoga is for everyone. You do not have to be a particular size or shape, nor do you have to be able to touch your toes, to do yoga.
We are equipped to find the right class for you and your needs.

Some Tips:


1. Take time to call or email us (Contact Shannon personally at 706.254.0200 or email her at shannon@athensfivepointsyoga.com) or drop by the studio to find out what classes would be best for you, your goals and your budget.

2. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your 1st class. We want to have plenty of time to get you signed in and oriented to the studio.

3. We have mats you may use, but you are also welcome to bring your own. We also have mats available for purchase at the studio.

4. Let your teacher know of any injuries or concerns you have at the beginning of class

5. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that allows for full range of body movements. However, don’t let style stop you from practicing 🙂 We practice in bare feet so you can leave your shoes in the cubbies provided.

5. Give yourself at lest 2 hours to digest a meal before class. We recommend a light snack if you need fuel, an hour or so prior to class.

6. If you arrive late to class please wait until beginning meditation is over to enter

7. Savasana: Deep relaxation at the end of class. Yoga works on the nervous system and we need time to rest and integrate it. Plus, who doesn’t like to rest? 🙂 Don’t skip it!

8. If you do need to leave early, please inform the teacher at the beginning of class and practice your own Savasana before you exit

9. And most important of all, have fun! Move at your own level, it is a non-competitive practice. If you allow yourself to build your strength and flexibility slowly it will serve you for the rest of your life!

Classes that are great for beginners: Yoga Foundations, Beginning Yoga, Gentle Flow and Restore, Iyengar Yoga and Simply Stretch.

Membership means community

Becoming a part of the membership program means unlimited yoga, every day, in the supportive company of friends. At Five Points Yoga we care about you, and we care about providing the best yoga for everyone. We know that if one part of you doesn’t feel good, the rest of you will be compromised. We are here to share practical tools to help you live your fullest life.