Intro to Rocket Yoga Series

with Lindsey Hammond

Saturdays, May 9-30, 2-4 pm

Practice each one of the rocket yoga sequences
We will cover rocket yoga philosophy, alignment and strengthening practices.
Rocket Yoga is a fiery and fun practice. The routines are sequenced around the joints of the body and provide more strengthening moves and deeper flexibility poses to give students the ability to practice inversions and arm balances.



$67 for the series~~25% discount available for those who need.  Enter “INTRO” at promo prompt
4-90 minute classes



Mindfulness in Changing Times

with Cathy Jackson

Wednesday, May 20th, 5-8:30 pm

As we all are feeling the effects of living in this pandemic time, how can we support our lives in ways that promote well-being, both for ourself and others?  Modern neuroscience and the ancient wisdom traditions agree on the benefits of Mindfulness.  An awakened heart and mind has immense capacities for wisdom, equanimity, compassion and joy.  Please join Cathy as she shares teachings, perspectives, meditations, poetry and other practices that can help us not only survive, but flourish during this time.
If you care to read more, continue and read a few thoughts Cathy is sharing about teaching this workshop.As I check in each day with my own body, mind and heart, I recognize that I am touching into the larger net of humanity.  As each of us journeys through our individual lives, we also can discover a palpable sense of connection with the community of all living beings on earth.  While the burden of this pandemic weighs far heavier on some lives than others, there are few if any places on the planet that are not suffering.  It is indeed a lesson in our interconnection with all, and a unique opportunity to step up and elevate what we were given….our ability to live as conscious beings.  While mindfulness is supportive for challenging times, it is equally relevant when our lives hold more normalcy and ease.
With this workshop, I will share practices I have trained in for the past 30 plus years.  While I practice daily, I still fail a lot, so I quote Joyce Carol Oates who once wrote “self-criticism is an art form not many are qualified to practice”.  And thus I let that go, and turn toward the practices that have not only supported my well-being, but have awakened me to the larger view of showing up not simply for myself, but for the larger family of the world.  We practice for the benefit of all beings, whether we are aware of this or not.
So we will form a virtual community on May 20th, we will come together and practice with the intentions each of you bring. I know three hours is a long time to sit in front of the computer.  We will take some breaks, move a bit in our bodies, and hopefully have time for sharing at the end.  All are welcome.  Whether you can attend or not, please feel that you are an integral part of the whole, and you are loved.     – namaste, cathy


The Heart of Ethics

with Julia Corley,

LCHMCA, NCC, SEP, Certified Hakomi Teacher

Friday & Saturday, June 26-27, 2020, 12:30-3:45 EST

6 CE’s available through *NBCC and NCBTMB
(*NBCC offers core hrs for GA LPCs & related hrs for GA LCSW & LMFTs)

Right use of power and influence is at the very heart of ethics. Developed by Hakomi Therapist and Trainer Dr. Cedar Barstow, the Right Use of Power approach focuses on the relational dynamics that bring ethics to life. Engaging both heart and mind, core concepts include grounding in a felt sense of both sides of the power differential, exploration of power parameters and under- and over-uses of power, and working with practical processes for resolving relationship difficulties. This workshop will be highly experiential, with focus on awareness, skill, and pro-activity.

Power is simply the ability to have an effect, or to have influence – but the right use of this influence is both simple and complex. Personally and in positions of trust, the right use of power is the use of power to accomplish goals; prevent, heal, and repair harm; and to promote well-being for all.

The power spiral model is at the heart of Right Use of Power. Increasing skillfulness is learned through a spiraling process of gaining understanding and awareness at higher and higher levels of complexity, inclusivity, and transcendence. As you gain the knowledge and skills you need to use your power wisely, you’ll explore and engage with these four dimensions of the spiral:

Be informed: Informed Use of Power
Be compassionate: Conscious Use of Power
Be connected: Caring Use of Power
Be skillful: Skillful Use of Power

Right Use of Power is a dynamic way to explore issues of ethics and power, both personal and professional. This study can be profoundly restorative and empowering. This approach brings heart and soul to ethics, and builds sensitivity and awareness to the use of power and influence.